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 About Wendy

Throughout my life, I have been adventurous and had many experiences. I studied French and Spanish at University, using these languages in my travels. I married at the age of 21 and with my ex husband enjoyed sub aqua diving, squash and aerobics. We have two lovely daughters. Later I learned Aikido, a martial Art, the way of spirit and harmony. I loved this art with a passion and studied the eastern philosophies and ways of life connected to it. In 1993 I visited Japan and was inspired to write my book on Aikido. I taught in my own club for about 16 years, achieving the grade of 3rd Dan. I now know about a lifetime that I had in Kyoto, Japan. A serious road accident in 1985 led to some major changes in life, including a divorce. A dream led me to start my own business. In the dream I was climbing a ladder into the loft, going very slowly. Some one came up behind me and suddenly sent me flying upwards. I took this as a sign that I should hesitate no longer.

I have been a teaching Reiki Master since 1996, with many wonderful students/ healers in the area. I learned Seichem in 2000 and have taught it since then. Seichem opened me up to the presence of Angels with many amazing experiences. For several years I organised the World Angel Day in Mansfield. Further training included Hypnotherapy, NLP, Theta Healing, Intuitive Anatomy, Reference Point Therapy and of course Past Life Therapy.

Hypnosis with Wendy Lowe Several years ago, I read a book about Edgar Cayce, the famous Psychic who recorded many cases of past lives. When I read about a life in Roman times, two recurring dreams that I had as a child came back to me and I became convinced that I had been fed to the lions.

Since then I have found out about many lives that I have been through. My interest in Japanese arts and philosophies comes from a life in Tokyo. One of my friends from that age is one of my own guides now. Another life that has had a great impact on me was uncovered when I was conducting a Quantum Touch workshop a few years ago. I was receiving healing from two ladies on the course. One of them, Susan said she could see two Indian guides and I soon spotted two of my guides. Then I could see another of my guides, which she confirmed. I heard the word Egypt and she could see rolling sands.

Next I was going into a pyramid, saying "They think I can't do this, they think I can't do this!". I felt really shaky and nervous but I settled down to meditate. I was a young man, a novice priest. Suddenly a crowd burst in and drag me out of the chamber into the open air. I was stoned to death! It was strange because I was aware that I was still sitting in the chair, receiving healing with tears streaming down my face. I knew that I had a tremendous opportunity here to clear karma so I called on all those who had harmed me and I forgave them. At the same time I saw cloud after cloud lifting into the sky and I knew that these clouds were lifting from that life and all the lives in between. Susan had meanwhile been talking the a girl who knew me at that time. it seems I had done something really good which put out the high priests and they plotted to be rid of me.

This is not the end of the story however because the impact of this life only gradually dawned on me. Although I have been adventurous, I have always been held back by a fear of standing out from the crowd (I wonder why?); I have always been very nervous in crowded places; and I have been wary to "hide my light under a bushel", or to shine. Now with this revelation and healing work, particularly with ThetaDNA the symptoms are gone. ThetaDNA clears beliefs and programs from past lives in an instant. More about my past life discoveries in Past Life Stories.

A further dream lead me to take up Hypnotherapy, which is the main tool I use to find out about Past Lives. I woke up one morning and I could see myself wearing red shoes. I was saying to myself, "Now I have red shoes I have a new job!" I took a little time to work out the shoes were for travelling, red for new adventures and new exciting developments.

Another dream warned me of big changes to come into my life when I would meet my new husband. Sure enough, we met became inseparable and married in July. He is also a Reiki and Seichem Master and we follow the same spiritual path. Since taking a workshop in Intuitive Anatomy in India last year, (2007), we seem to have developed the skill of intuitively picking up on client's past lives, which amazingly relate to issues in this life. Integrating the life seems to resolve the issues.

I am a member of the Tera-Mai Association and the Association of Light Touch Therapists. I trained as a Consultant Hypnotherapist with the World Federation of Hypnotherapists, gaining a professional Diploma with Honours. I use the latest techniques: NLP, EFT, Rapid Cognitive Therapy, Theta Healing, Reference Point Therapy as well as conventional Hypnotherapy. I am a member of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists and The British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotherapists. Members of these associations are bound by strict ethical codes and by a disciplinary council. As you will notice from the testimonials, I am a dedicated professional and should it be necessary, I will help you to resolve your problems and recover your balance and happiness.

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