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In the first part of the 20th century, although Hypnosis gained credibility, Past Life regression was not so popular. It was only when Morey Bernstein was working with Virginia Tighe that a breakthrough was made. She accidentally went into a past life during a session of Hypnotherapy. In the past life that she accessed, she was Bridey Murphy, living in Cork in 1798. During Hypnosis her voice changed and she gave many details about her life, which were later confirmed. She was so curious about this past life that she did a lot of research to find out the truth. It lead her to write the book, “The Search for Bridey Murphy”.

Arnall Bloxham, a Hypnotherapist living in Cardiff had a great interest in Reincarnation and from the mid 50’s for the next 20 years he conducted and taped many sessions. These are available as “The Bloxham Tapes”. Amongst his cases were Ann Ochenden, who accessed seven previous lives. Jane Evans experienced six previous lives, one of them as a young Jewess living in York at the time of the massacre of Jews in 1190. Professor Barrie Dobson, an expert on the York massacres confirmed that the details she gave were accurate.

Edgar Cayce is another famous psychic and healer who recorded many cases of Past Lives. He would look at patients past Lives before prescribing any cure. Several books are available.

Dr Ian Stevenson, a professor of Psychiatry and Parapsychology at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville conducted research and an academic study of Reincarnation and Past Life Regression. He collected cases from all over the world. One fascinating case was that of Imad Elawa, a young Lebanese boy born in 1958. Nine years earlier he had died as Ibrahim Bovhanzy in a village 30 miles away. From the age of two, Imad had described the past Life and the village where he had lived, even his wife. When he and his family visited the other village it was found that all the details given were correct.

Joanne Maciver had various lives. One of them was as Susan Ganier, living on a farm in Canada. She described places and names that existed although they were no longer on maps or most records.

Edward Ryall who was born in 1902 in England saw Halley’s comet when he was years old. This was the second time he had seen it as in 1682, he showed it to his own son.

When I take you into a past life regression, it is recorded on a CD so that you can listen again and study what you have said. We will get as much information as possible so that you can research the past life if you choose.

I have listened to some fascinating past life stories and I am not at liberty to reveal all the details. In brief here are some of the most interesting:

A Native American boy chosen by the Medicine Man to be his apprentice, gave details of his daily life, living separate from his family and learning about herbs, fasting and journeying. As an adult his whole tribe was massacred by the cavalry;

A Chinese lady was transported in a palanquin miles away from her comfortable home to live in a harem with her new old and wealthy husband. They were also massacred by a rival of the husbands;

A soldier, prisoner of war, starving in the jungle in Burma, described what he ate, how he hated the Japanese guards and how the only thing that kept him going was the thought of his sweetheart back home:

A bronze age man, living a lonely life was killed with a spear;

A serving wench in an alehouse told how she lived:

A high born woman in the middle ages was mentally ill through syphilis. She was thrown in a dungeon and her baby killed:

An Egyptian stone worker was thrown in prison awaiting punishment for wrongdoing. He was not sure what he had done but felt it concerned his wife.

My interest was roused years ago by reading a book of Edgar Cayce, where he detailed many Past Lives. There was one story of a woman, who had always had a difficult relationship with two other relevant people in her life. Edgar Cayce found out that she was an influential lady in Roman times who fell in love with a soldier. This solder did not return her love and favoured her housemaid instead. The Lady's revenge was to have the housemaid fed to the lions, whilst the soldier watched by her side.

This reminded me of my childhood and the nightmares I used to have when I was very small. There were two recurring nightmares. In one, I was returning home from school and I would suddenly be afraid to go any further. Then the front porch changed before my eyes into a giant portico, which unbeknown to me in those days, was like the entrance to an arena. The other dream was that wild animals were chasing me and I had to climb higher and higher to get away from them until I reached the ceiling of the bedroom. All this has lead me to believe that perhaps I was fed to the Lions.


Although well accepted and understood by Eastern civilisations, the subject of reincarnation is often greeted with scepticism in the West.

One argument set out for it goes as follows; If you believe in some sort of God/ Supreme Being then you are also likely to believe that this Being, the Supreme source of all life is the creative source of love. If then we are all children of the God of love, why is there such disparity in the living conditions of the different races of humanity? They may worship God under different names but surely this cannot be the answer. There is only one Creator, known by many names with many paths to "him". Millions of people suffer deprivation and hardship or have a brief and miserable existence. Others have long and happy lives, why the disparity? Is it just chance or luck?

If you believe in chance or luck, then there is no incentive to live a good life, helping others and doing what you think is right. If you believe that what you do today affects your life here and now and future lives on this earth, then you will take care not to create a future of guilt and regrets.

The bible refers to the concept of "an eye for an eye", perhaps a reference to karma or the Law of Cause and Effect. Physics teaches us that everything has an action and reaction. Think of a pebble thrown into a lake. The ripples reach even the farthest shore. Everything we say or do has some effect somewhere in the world because we are all beings of energy and vibration. Some people chose to ignore this perhaps because they do not wish to accept the consequences of their actions. Many people blame others instead of accepting reasonability for their thoughts and actions.

Many references to reincarnation were stripped from the bible following a conference by the Bishops at the Council of Nicea in AD600. The Council was called by Emperor Constantine of Rome to decide on religious teachings which would unite the various tribes which constituted the Roman Empire. Catholic means 'universal'. Until that time references to reincarnation had formed a major part of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Some references still remain e.g. Matthew11.v13 and v14.

The Lord Buddha stated that karma follows man as surely as a cart follows an oxen. We create karma on a daily basis by our actions, thoughts and deeds so it is important to review our lives every day and if this review reveals that we have sent out negative or destructive thoughts towards another then we have the opportunity to send them love and light to repair the damage. If we do not then it is recorded in the Akashic Record (Book of Life).

Where karma is accumulated over a number of lifetimes, the individual may have many hardships to bear. Where this is cheerfully born, the karma is being resolved. If the individual takes this badly with resentment and anger (of course not knowing the origins), then this only serves to exacerbate future suffering.

I took one client back into several Past Lives where one wrongdoing seemed to lead to punishment in the next two lives manifested as ill health and blindness. The next life was short but sweet and the current life although troubled by food allergies is happy and spiritual. My experience shows that it is the feelings of guilt, for example, that is carried over from one life to the next. Current scientific research shows that feelings can affect physical health.

I personally believe that we also decide to come back to experience different states of being, poor or rich, healthy or ill, European, Asian, man or woman. All these experiences enrich the soul of the individual and help them to grow.

The following is a story told by a friend of mine:-

The soul in the cavern:

There was a soul whose time had come to take human birth and so it went to the great cavern where all such souls went. In the cavern were hundreds of thousands of souls, each manifesting a small blue flame. When its turn came, the soul came forward and said,

"My time has come to take human incarnation, for I have work to do and many lessons to learn. In my life as a human, I shall need family and loving friends to help me, to love me and to nurture me. Who will be my family on Earth?"

A ripple flickered across the thousands of flames and shortly a few came forward and said, "We do not know you, we have not met before and we are strangers but being kind and giving love is a pleasant task. We will be your friends and family on Earth."

The souls spoke out again and said,

"And on earth I shall need teachers, people to guide me, to correct me and discipline me. Who will be my teachers?" Again a ripple went around the assembled flames and a group came forward and said,

"We have known you in other lives and we have grown to respect you and like you. We will take on the task of being your teachers in life."

A third time the soul spoke out and said,

"On Earth if I am to learn the greatest lesson of all, the lesson of humility, tolerance under provocation and to love those who hate me, I shall need people to hate me and do violence to me. Who will do this for me?"

There was a long pause in the cavern until at last a small group came forward and said,

"We are your soul group, we have known you over aeons of time and your growth and learning are as dear to us as our own. This is the most delicate and difficult task and if you are to be hurt and abused, it would be better done by loving friends. We will be your enemies on Earth."

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