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Past life regression:

Finding out about Past Lives is exciting and fun but it may also be used for very serious reasons, like spiritual development or resolving issues like illogical fears, uncomfortable feelings with certain people or places, feeling guilty for no reason or illogical anger. Past Life Regression or a Past Life Reading may throw light on all sorts of areas of your life.


Some people have fears or issues, which hold them back in their personal and professional lives. To resolve the issue, we need to find the root cause of the problem, which is frequently an incident, often in childhood, when we were overwhelmed by something beyond our limited experience. The subconscious stores memories; sights, sounds,sensations of the event according to the feelings or emotion at the time. It does this to keep you safe in the future. Those old feelings may be triggered later on in life by similar sounds, sights or sensations. In Hypnosis, the subconscious mind can access this memory so that the event can be considered and understood with the knowledge and experience of an adult. Then you start to heal and resolve the problem.

Regression into past lives

Where the issue; fears or emotional discomfort, has been present since birth, it is possible that it could relate to an incident or behaviour pattern in a past life, (it could also be genetic but we have ways to resolve this too). The subconscious holds all the memories of past lives and they can be accessed through hypnosis, or by the help of an intuitive healer. Often the same issues which trouble you in this life have troubled you in previous lives. This shows that the issue will continue until it is resolved and healed. See New Development s for some fascinating stories, (names altered to preserve confidentiality).

past lives Some people are interested in Past Life Regression through curiosity or believe it will help them to progress spiritually. I believe that the spirit travels through life after life as it evolves. From personal experience, I know that the more that is understood about those lives; the experiences and resulting belief systems, the clearer we see the problems we have today and the easier it is to integrate the knowledge and wisdom gained.

We often meet or become close to the same people as we have done in past lives, either because of contracts made or through love links. When you recognise those people in a past life regression, it helps to understand the relationship that you have together. Often a thread may be seen connecting many lives, for example loneliness or inability to change in some way.

When we reincarnate, we do so to experience diverse situations and forms: Sometimes we are male, sometimes female; we may be rich or poor, powerful or weak, good or bad. If you have been evil in a past life, just look at your own life to see if you have learned your lessons and progressed. When you have moved on, there is no need for any regrets. History shows us that life has never been so good as it is today, so easy as it is now, so don't be surprised at the hardships endured in bygone times. If you uncover something that needs healing, then I have the tools to help you do so.

past lives In the past life regression therapy, I give you an idea what to expect and what you may feel. I explain about Hypnosis and let you experience it, teaching you how to do it for yourself. I also give you safety features in case you should find yourself in an unpleasant situation. Then I take you into a past life. Some people are visual, some auditory, some sensory, so not everyone will see anything but most will have some sort of feeling or sensation. You may have a knowing of what is happening, you may see things, hear people speaking or you may feel as if you are really there. In an individual session, I record what you say and make a CD for you. In a group I cannot monitor you individually but I am watching to make sure that you are comfortable with the situation. You can come back at any time or come back when I bring the whole group back.

If you do not like the idea of Hypnosis, I may be able to access the information for you on an intuitive/psychic basis. We can then muscle test to check the veracity of the information I find. (Kinesiology is based on the idea that your body is strong when you say something true and weak, when you say something false). Any issues found can be resolved.

Some people do not believe in Past Lives but accept the theory of Collective Unconscious, a pool of subconscious information which we all are capable of accessing. It may be that you access information from the Collective Unconscious rather than a Past Life. It may sometimes occur that your subconscious mind creates a scenario much like a dream to bring certain issues to your attention. Consideration of these issues wherever they came from leads to a better understanding of yourself and healing of body, mind and spirit.


Hypnosis is a natural everyday phenomenon used to communicate with the unconscious and update it, so that the clients’ own resources can be utilised to solve their problems.”

past lives We have two minds, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is in control of everyday thinking and actions, like shopping, going to work, working, cleaning etc. The subconscious or unconscious mind controls the running of the body, the immune system, the heart rate, the filing of information in the mind and much more. The conscious mind only works when we are awake but the subconscious mind functions even when we are asleep, sometimes giving us dreams to sort information or to alert us.

Our subconscious mind holds all of our experiences and memories. It is the experiences and information gathered in our past that creates our beliefs and behaviour patterns- positive or negative, helpful or unhelpful. For example if you have had a difficult childhood with uncaring parents, you will learn that you are unlovable and difficult. You may be unable to experience loving relationships because you have never felt this love and don't know how to recognise it. If you have had abuse as a child, you are likely to experience many negative feelings like guilt, anger, hatred. These feelings again will impact upon your future relationships as the negative feelings take control.

For every traumatic experience our subconscious mind files the circumstances, the feelings, maybe even the sounds and smells. The same sights, sense or smell will bring up the same subconscious feeling so you may feel stressed in other situations and fail to understand why. Without understanding the working of our subconscious mind we are out of control. There are people who think that they have to be in control all the time but this is through fear of being out of control!. When you go into self hypnosis, you are in touch with your subconscious mind and you can make changes that make your life easier, more pleasant. Daydreaming or meditation is very similar to the state we experience in hypnosis. It is a perfectly natural state of mind. In this pleasant dreamy drowsy state, we can communicate with the subconscious directly.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis as no one can hypnotise you against your will. When I help you to go into self hypnosis, we work together to alter inappropriate and outdated feelings and behaviour that hold you back. We release the trauma/uncomfortable feelings and this creates new beliefs and behaviour patterns that are positive and life affirming. In hypnosis you are fully aware but deeply relaxed. I cannot make you do anything and you are quite free to open your eyes or stop the session at any time you wish. This is nothing like stage hypnosis. This is for your benefit and I simply assist you to learn self-hypnosis so that you can practice it at home. You have a useful tool for the rest of your life.

The benefits of hypnosis are many: reduced stress levels; lower blood pressure; steady heart rate; greater relaxation and self healing for the body. Hypnosis is the same brainwave state as meditation so many people who struggle to meditate find it much easier when they have experienced hypnosis. If you would like to turn your self hypnosis into meditation just let me know and I will give you all the information and tools you need.

Hypnosis is a relaxed, dreamy drowsy state of mind, like when you just wake up, or like daydreaming in a warm bath. The normal conscious brainwave is called Beta. This is when you are thinking normally about everyday matters. When you go into meditation or Hypnosis, you slip into a deeper level of brainwaves called Alpha. The Theta brainwave state is equivalent to a light sleep and Delta is when you are in a deep sleep.

A brief history of hypnosis:

Hypnosis has been used as a tool to our knowledge since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. A relief at the Temple of Thebes shows physicians using Hypnosis. The modern name of Hypnosis is taken from the Greek God of sleep, Hypnos.

The novel, “Trilby”, by Georges du Maurier, featured Svengali and in the story, he mesmerised a young model. This gave hypnosis a bad reputation and for years it was feared or ridiculed. In the 18th Century, Anton Mesmer was discredited by a Commission of Louis XV1. He had claimed cures based on his work with magnets and the power of his mind.

In the 19th Century, Dr John Elliotson, a Professor of Medicine at University College, London used hypnosis to perform painless surgery. In 1838, the Council of the Hospital forbade this practise. Dr James Braid was the first to prove that hypnosis worked without the use of magnets. He lived and worked in India performing operations with “Mesmeric Anaesthesia”.

Hypnosis started to gain credibility later in the 19th Century, when Professor Jean-Martin Charcot founded the Salpetriere School of Hypnotism in France. The professors of the University of Nancy were also convinced that Hypnotism could be induced by verbal means. These were distinguished, respected men. Pierre Janet, a pupil of Charcot started to study Regression, recognising that the root cause of a problem is essential to its cure. He received little cooperation or recognition.

In the first part of the 20th century, although Hypnosis gained credibility, Past Life regression was not credible to many. It was only when Morey Bernstein was working with Virginia Tighe that a breakthrough was made. She accidentally went into a past life during a session of Hypnotherapy. The past life, accessed was as Bridey Murphy, living in Cork in 1798. During Hypnosis her voice changed and she gave many details about her life, which were later confirmed. It lead her to write the book, “The Search for Bridey Murphy”.

past lives

Past life case studies:

In Past Life Regression, 'Simon' was taken into hypnosis and regressed to a past life. He told me that he was in a cold, stone floored room. There was a high window and big solid door. It was dark. He was a young man, wearing smart trousers tucked into boots. The top half of him was dark so he couldn't tell what sort of clothing it was. At first he didn’t know where he was or what was happening. As normal I asked him questions about himself and his surroundings but he didn’t want to tell me anything. He said it was all secret and he couldn't tell me anything about his reasons for being there. I eventually got out of him that he was a 'flyer', called Johnny Johnston. The year was 1942.

He was very nervous and refused to tell me any more so I brought him out of hypnosis. Once he was back to his normal waking state of mind he was fully aware of what he had felt, known and witnessed during hypnosis and he told me what had happened. He was an RAF pilot during the Second World War. During a secret mission, he had come down on the Belgian border. He felt very guilty about letting down his crew and mates. He kept saying that it was all his fault, he had overestimated his abilities.

During the session the things he was saying and the way he said them greatly surprised his wife who was listening. She said that they were the things that he said all the time, for example, 'I never get it right, its my fault'. etc He was a very sensitive man, prone to blaming himself for everything that went wrong

'Simon' told me he previously had dreams about flying. The sound of planes sent shivers through him and his wife said that he actually turned grey. When he was younger he wanted to be a pilot but he had failed the medical. In 1985, he had been working nights when a digger down the street made it impossible for him to get any sleep. He sat in his lounge half asleep, half awake and suddenly saw himself looking out of a cockpit of something like a Lancaster. He could see all the instruments and he was actually flying!

Since he and his wife were still curious about that life, I intuitively accessed more information for him. I could see him in the bar with his colleagues, making an effort to be sociable with half a pint of beer. He was a shy, quiet man but very hard working and conscientious. He was not the sort to have failed his mission by overestimating his abilities. Then I saw a field full of pigs!

I healed that lifetime for him and released the trauma and guilt that he still felt. 'Simon' went home and returned with his wife two weeks later. Since our session, he was a changed man. He was more confident and happy than he had ever been! He was not worried by planes flying over any more. They had researched Johnny Johnston and found a few pilots of that name. One of them was a famous war hero but many of the records were still secret. They had been looking for the airbase, where Johnston had operated from and found the disused airfield, which was now a pig farm!

'Mary' was dissatisfied with her life and thought time was passing her by. She was unhappy with her husband and wanted to leave him, even though she knew that he still adored her. She was searching for something to help her to achieve peace of mind and had found my website by accident and just knew that she had a past life to uncover.

She was regressed to a life in Ireland in 1910. She was a14year old girl in the middle of labour! I got her to distance herself from the event but later she told me that she could still feel what the girl was going through. She was lying on a filthy bed, wearing dirty rags looking very thin and scrawny. Her hair was long and in curly rattails. There was a man there she knew was her father. He was a quiet man, angry with her but when the child was born dead, he put his arms around her to comfort her.

It was not her fault that she was pregnant, she had been raped. She lived alone with her father. Her mother had died when she was born. We moved her on through this lifetime and things certainly got a lot better. She met a nice man and married him. She had two children and they lived on a farmstead close to where she had been brought up. Her husband was an educated man bringing good money into the house. She died at around the age of 60, tired but satisfied that she had a happy life. When she came out of hypnosis, she told me that she never got over the trauma of being raped and having the stillborn at the age of 14.

After healing this lifetime, I was surprised how deeply this life affected her and how significant it was to her current situation. She told me that she had always sabotaged her relationships as she felt that she could not trust men. This same scenario was being played out with her current husband and now she realised that she really did love him and could trust him. Each of her children had been born by caesarean sections after losing her first child and she could see that her negative beliefs about child birth had come from this past lifetime.

We can also pick up on a past life intuitively without you having to go into hypnosis. After seeing the life situation, we muscle test to check the veracity. It can be very telling as we have to use the correct terminology for the subconscious mind to accept. For example, for a past life during the fighting between roundheads and cavaliers, the subconscious of someone who was really there, only accepts the terms protestants and Catholics. A deep sea diver I saw on the bottom of the sea was not a diver or deep sea diver according to their subconscious mind, but a salvage worker!

Susan: Susan is a competitive swimmer, who always became ill or injured when she was getting close to her qualifying tests. Through muscle testing, we found that her subconscious mind was protecting her from disappointment. She was afraid that if she was fit and healthy and failed the tests she would have no excuse; she would be a failure. She also had lots of negative beliefs about herself and her capabilities. We made a note of all these beliefs. I was shown a past life when she was a shipwrecked sailor and drowned despite being a good swimmer. She tried her best to swim to land but failed. When we worked on this past life, all her issues about failing, not being loved, not knowing who she was etc all evaporated.

Barbara: Barbara was a martyr, as was her mother before her. She put everyone else first and felt that she had to do as she was told, especially by those jealous of her. Past lives included being stoned as a shepherd boy by ruffians jealous of him; being a servant to a cruel jealous mistress who abused her; and being crucified after being betrayed by those jealous of her/him. Her current issues were cleared after dealing with these past lives.

Pauline: This lady only came for a Reiki treatment but I picked up on a past life when she had been a scrubber. I could see her in a big house down on her hands and knees scrubbing floors. Her hands were red raw. In this life she has severe arthritis in her hands and also in her feet. When I told her this story, she told me that when she is stressed, she gets down on her hands and knees and scrubs the floors, even though she has mops and other modern aids!

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